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With WebWunder to the digital top: Create a website that not only excites but strategically wins customers

Even the most beautiful website must perform – WebWonder transforms design into business success.

Unleash Your Website’s Potential

Tired of a site that just sits there?

At WebWunder, our expertise in AI, CRO strategies, and stunning design transforms your site into a revenue powerhouse. Win more customers and increase your ROAS without spending more on ads. Watch now and see the WebWunder effect in action!

Expertise that Drives Success

How WebWonder Takes
Your Business to the Top


Strategically crafted by marketing experts.


Customized to enhance your brand image.


Differentiates you from competitors, builds trust, and drives business closures.


Utilizes data analytics to optimize engagement and conversion rates.


Employs cutting-edge Conversion Rate Optimization to boost ROI by turning visitors into loyal customers.

AI and Automation Expertise

Integrates AI to automate interactions and personalize user experiences, keeping your site dynamic.


Constantly updates with the latest web technologies and strategies to maintain a powerful digital presence.

Higher ROI
and Profits

Achieve greater ROI and profits with our strategies without spending more on ads.

Success Stories

Our Clients at the Digital Top

Anna Tahl

"Our new WebWonder website is visually stunning and drives real results. Ryan's efficient and seamless process required minimal time, and the return has been fantastic."

Wladimir Schmitt

"WebWonder transformed our website beyond our expectations. Working with Johannes was incredibly efficient and quick. We invested little time, and the results paid off rapidly. The team delivered fast, professional work."

Mohaned Sharif

"WebWonder's CampaignWonder service was a game-changer. The sales funnel they created significantly boosted our sales. The team worked quickly and professionally, delivering great results."

Lena Weber

Collax is a very talented designer and his most valuable role is to teach design in a professional way. He trained design courses under my company Chartered Professional

Justus Becker

"Working with WebWonder on our marketing strategy was a breeze. Johannes’s efficient and direct approach meant minimal time investment, yet the results were outstanding. Our new sales funnel is driving significant growth."

David Müller

"Our collaboration with WebWonder was highly productive. The team's clear and direct approach meant we invested little time, but the outcomes, particularly our new customer portal, have been remarkable."

Ahmed Al-Muhairi

"WebWonder’s SocialMediaWonder service gave our brand a significant boost. The team's professional and rapid approach, particularly Maria's guidance, delivered impressive results."

Carlos Mendes

"Our experience with WebWonder was exceptional. The team worked efficiently to revamp our website, making it both beautiful and highly functional, which has significantly boosted our business."


Start your success story with WebWonder

Discover how WebWonder seamlessly and effectively transforms your online presence. Begin with a free strategy consultation where we analyze your needs and goals in detail. Whether you already have a website or are starting from scratch, we are ready to realize your vision.

Our team of marketing experts designs a tailored concept that transforms your online presence. We create websites that impress and act as customer magnets.

In just four simple steps, we catapult you to the digital top:



We quickly and efficiently clarify your requirements.

Time commitment: 30 mins



We create content that captivates your target audience and precisely meets your specifications.

Time commitment: 15 mins



Your new website will perfectly reflect your brand and stand out.

Time commitment: 15 mins



We realize your vision and bring your website live, ready to conquer the market.

Time commitment: 15 mins

Ready to leave the competition behind?

Schedule your free strategy consultation now and take the first step towards the digital top.

Our Projects

Creative Work


We are professionals in:

Discover our services that will take you to the top

The perfect start begins with the perfect website – and that's just the beginning. At WebWonder, we support you in all areas of digital marketing and sales to quickly reach and dominate the digital summit.

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Imprint your brand and establish deep trust.

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Maximize your revenue with targeted sales pages.

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Spark enthusiasm and engage customers long-term.

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Convey your message with compelling videos.

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Enhance the effectiveness of your ads for maximum results.

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Drive action with powerful and persuasive texts.

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Strengthen your online presence and dominate search results.

Our Projects

The WebWunder Team

At WebWunder, Johannes is the mastermind and strategist, while Rene and Ryan make excellence possible. Together, we form an incredibly efficient and effective team with decades of experience delivering outstanding results quickly. Our proven teamwork in various companies and projects has consistently exceeded expectations and created real value for our clients.


CEO & Founder

Founder of WebWonder and a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of international experience. Johannes played a leading role in a company that later achieved a Nasdaq IPO. He also founded a company in Dubai with 30 employees, where he worked closely with Rene and Ryan. At WebWunder, you’ll plan your project directly with Johannes, leveraging his vast business expertise to ensure your success.


CTO & Full-Stack Developer

Rene has worked with Johannes in ventures abroad, including Dubai, making him an integral part of our team. With 22 years of experience in web design, programming, and server architecture, Rene is a top full-stack developer. His technical skills ensure that every project is robust, scalable, and cutting-edge.


Lead Designer & Front-End Developer

Ryan, another long-time collaborator with Johannes, is an exceptional front-end developer and designer. With 15 years of experience, he has created exclusive designs and brands that significantly boost customer acquisition and recognition. Ryan’s expertise ensures that every user experience is visually stunning and highly functional.

Request a non-binding initial consultation

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Fill in the contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

In our non-binding initial consultation, we will discover how WebWonder can optimally support your business. We look forward to learning more about your projects and goals!

Launch your product with us

We had the pleasure of being a partner for companies from markets like Fintech, Health, Government, Security, Big Data & many more.

Do you have any questions?

Your WebWonder project starts with custom texts and a unique design. After your final approval and precise programming, we take your website live.

Within 48 hours, we set up a "Coming Soon" page. Your complete website usually goes live within four weeks, depending on your feedback and specific requirements.

The cost of our services varies depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Let's discuss your requirements to create a tailored quote.

Each project includes a 6-month maintenance contract that covers minor adjustments. This contract can be extended after it expires to ensure your website remains up to date.

Unlike many agencies that focus on aesthetics, we optimize your website for sales psychology to effectively generate inquiries without neglecting design.

We implement basic SEO practices such as meta tags and optimized loading speeds. For advanced SEO, we recommend working with specialists.

We create websites in any language, from Arabic to Greek.

Our team conducts thorough research and interviews to gain a deep understanding of your target audience. We also use systematized questionnaires to deepen your understanding of your audience.

Yes, we can link your existing domain to your new website or help you set up a new domain.

No, all our services are digitally available. We conduct all meetings by phone or video call. Personal meetings are possible by arrangement.